Improve Network Stability
Customers complaining about latency, jitter or stability issues? We can find your sore spots, upgrade your routing/switching platforms and properly balance out your network to cope with growth and demand. The drawing above was inspired by a graph featuring real world results from one of our satisfied clients.
Optimise Your Network
Unoptimised traffic flow is costing many organisations thousands of dollars thanks to over utilised transit links. io Networks can analyse your entire network and ensure that you are taking full advantage of cheaper peering options, potentially saving thousands of dollars on bandwidth bills. We are highly skilled BGP architects and can scale to any organisation, from small providers to carriers.
Afforable Network Support
Network engineers can cost upwards of $120k, with excessive hourly rates. Ask us how our variable rates and contract options can help you save on engineers that are experienced, agile, often available within hours notice. All have cut their teeth working with large carriers and peering houses. We have set up entire ISPs from scratch and taken over half completed projects to completion.

io square Network Engineers

Io Networks, our engineers' focus extends from efficiency across to your profitability. Having an efficient network saves time, money and resources. Our EAAS (Engineering-As-A-Service) is a third party solution primarily based on your company’s requirements, whether you need a short or long-term solution for Network Engineering services. This way you can reduce the internal costs of hiring a network engineer, which can potentially save thousands on your ongoing IT costs, and boost your profitability and productivity across the board. When our clients call on us, and they can enjoy the piece of mind knowing that they will receive network support at a moment’s notice. 

Contact us TODAY to inquire about our discounted Network Audit package, which includes a plan for optimisation and efficiency improvements.

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