Why Hire a Qualified Australian Network Engineer?

hire qualified network engineers

Gone are the days when you would simply call in the computer technician. Australian Network Engineers in today's world of Information Technology, as well as its various specialisations, expands on a day to day basis. Network engineers are at the forefront of the new business dynamic.

Where once long ago a "computer technician" was enough to handle the needs of most small to medium businesses, the explosion of the internet, cloud computing, and many other technologies have shattered that idea.

The computer hardware itself that we use on a day to day basis - whether its a laptop, desktop or tablet - has simplified. Our operating systems are easier to use than ever and thanks to App Stores and web services, the software is less of a headache to handle too. Even viruses are a thing of the past.

The number of companies that are moving the vast bulk of their virtual work-spaces to the cloud is exploding as the cost and effort to do so has plummeted. But at the same time, the networks that these businesses, and in many cases, their internet providers, rely on are not evolving at the same speed.

Networks are #1.

Network engineers are no longer the backroom experts that you grab in an emergency. As the network has moved to the front of the house, engineers have moved to understand that business considerations - speed relative to cost for staff productivity, as well as customer satisfaction, are paramount in providing the best services.

Network engineers are also solutions for experts and project managers. They are experts are designing all types of networks, from the smallest office to the largest data center, and scaling these up and down at will. When your network is the single most important part of your business - and it usually is in 2019 - its imperative that it not only performs well now, but also into the future.

This means that you need to audit your existing networks to see if they fit into your growth patterns, both internally and with your client's demands. You need to take into account wireless needs, redundancy in the case of a cable cut or power outage. How offices in different areas of Australia, between floors, buildings, across cities, or states, communicate with each other, or how your clients communicate with you.

WAN, LAN, BGP. Why do you confuse me?

There are plenty of keywords and buzzwords in networking, and many of them are important to consider. Cloud computing requires not only a fast connection but clever routing of both your internal data movements and your external ones. If your offices can't share data, what's the point of a speedy internet connection?

The complexities of modern networking include the inclusion of the right equipment and the correct configuration of that equipment. Like a well-made car, a network needs to be carefully considered from the ground up.

A qualified Network Engineer, like all of us here at io Networks, can enter any current setup and work within its boundaries, whether its a tight budget or a pretty substandard setup. We can put together a plan and execute it in days rather than months. That's the difference.

Regular Maintenance Prevents Poor Performance

The needs of a well-performing network don't stop at the completion of its creation. Equipment is regularly being updated for both security and performance improvements and as your data demands grow thanks to increased work, more applications or need staffing, the network needs to be primed for scalability.

So in this regard, it's important to consider your Network Engineer like a mechanic & an architect for your network. If you sell your network, via internet services, cloud services or any sort of inter-office communications, this availability and performance can impact your revenue in multiple ways, including overspending on links or redundant equipment.

At io Networks, we offer Network Engineering As A Service, providing network engineers Australia-wide. No matter where you are in Australia, or how large or small your business is, we are there to make sure things run the way you need them to at the budget you have available.

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