Looking to develop a VOIP/SIP product for your customers? We can help you design and implement your network to deliver a quality voice system.

Developing a new VOIP/SIP system is a two pronged planning process, ensuring that both the equipment and the platform are efficient, reliable and simple to administer. A well configured VOIP setup should be almost autonomous, coupled with dedicated hardware that ensures QoS that is not affected by other traffic spiking and causing call problems.

We can help you plan and design your system based on need and budget; how many potential users? Where are they located? Are you going to have hardware in their location environments? We will ensure that your system meets the rules in regards to carrier licensing and compliance with federal law in regards to interception and metadata collection.

Some of the features/benefits include:

  • Compatibility testing between CPE and core SIP
  • End-to-end design, implementation and configuration
  • Implementation of voice quality monitoring systems
  • Compliance with federal telecommunication law around interception capabilities.
  • High availability network designs

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