Problems or concerns with LNS? New ISP or MSP? io Networks are experts in LNS configuration and administration.

If you are running an ISP or setting one up, ensuring that LNS is operating correctly is essential to ensure billing and quota data is accurate, quality of service for customers is not affected and that you are integrating your full product offering.

io Networks can help if you are in the planning or implementation stage of setting up your new company, service or if you require assistance with a client or project. We have years of experience in setting up new ISPs and MSPs from scratch and ensuring LNS capability is a strong part of this setup.

Some (but not all!) of our skill sets and services/benefits include:

  • Adding private network features to your existing LNS infrastructure
  • Integration with Billing and Authorisation systems
  • Integrating with existing wholesalers (AAPT NWB, M2 etc) to expand your product offerings
  • Cisco and Juniper LNS experience.
  • Migrating between competing infrastructure.

Contact us TODAY to inquire about our discounted Network Audit package, which includes a plan for optimisation and efficiency improvements.